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19th August, 2005. 3:16 pm. View the Smoky Mountains in real time

Use this link to view a webcam of the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Keep the link and watch for the fall colors within the next 4-6 weeks.

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17th August, 2005. 2:44 pm. How time flies

I can't believe that I have not posted since March!! Yes, it has been busy...yes, it has been hectic....yes, I have been going crazy with trying to keep up with everything....but, for goodness sakes....March!!

Oh well...enough ranting about time passing and the fact that I am aging and my brain is running on low power. I was thinking about Autumn today and it made me realize that I had not posted in a while...but March!!! Enough...really.

I took my yearly family vacation last week and we just hung around home and took short trips, due to my Mom's illness. I'll be going with her for her second chemo treatment next week, so I have to find me a good book to take as the appt takes 4-5 hours. Back to vacation, we went to a Braves game and spent a few days in Pigeon Forge. The big Boyds Bears barn that they have built on the lower end is really cute. Inside there is a large open atrium with a wagon pulled by a hay horse. They had all their fall items on sale and there were some really cute things, but nothing that really caught my eye.

I've picked up a new responsiblity at work and am not responsible for three seperate issue resolution areas....promotion is pending. The word is that the promotion will probably come through now, but the money won't come until April...ah, the Corporate world and the many ways they save money. Needless to say, I am extremely busy trying to learn all the new processes and how this new group does business, who the appropriate touchpoints and contacts are...yada yada...

Back to work now...I hope I can keep my posting up going forward. We'll see!!

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30th March, 2005. 10:04 pm. Checking in

Life has been busy, busy, busy and just when you're not looking....busy again. My daughter and her husband and baby are still living with us as they continue to look towards the completion of their new home...looks like it will be just a few short weeks now....we are planning the wedding of my youngest daughter on May 14 and work is extremely hectic. I find myself today, yearning to write...which is something I have not wished for in quite a while...I don't mean write in my journal, although that is the extent of what I am doing now...but to write that childen's book that I have always wanted to write. I'm getting older and the time is flashing by quicker than my mind can grasp. If I don't act on my dream to write soon, I am going to have to admit defeat. I always blame it on my stressful job, which I have celebrated (well, not really celebrated) my 28th year. Back to something more pleasant...I am really going to miss my family when my daughter moves into her new home and when my other daughter gets married. I'll enjoy the peace and quite but I'll miss our being together...joined at the hip. Both will be living within 5 minutes of my home, so I don't expect we will be apart that often but it will still be differant. Don't know how I am going to do without my Grandson, Alden, being right there with me every day and night. This will be life changing and I hope I'm up to the challenge. Who knows, maybe this will be when I buck up and continue that writing with my old enthusiasm!!!
Don't give up on me. I'll be back more consistently as soon as I have a little time to breath. I've missed my LJ friends.

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1st January, 2005. 12:17 pm. First day of 2005 is another year and I just passed another birthday!!
Why does time have to pass so fast?
Why do we have such a short time on this earth?
Why do the Holidays pass at warp speed and so much faster than any other time?
All of these questions just mean that we REALLY need to be thankful for every day we have and every blessing we receive. One of my New Years resolutions is to try and remember that this is the precious present and rather than just surviving...which we so often do, getting caught up in work, stressful situations, etc....that we should really savor each and every moment. This is my Zen thought for the day.

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31st December, 2004. 9:12 pm. Happy New Year

Hope everyone has a happy and prosperous New Year!!
My husbands brother and his family have come over tonight and we are snacking and playing Wahoo, an older version of Aggravation and played on a wooden homemade board. We have a 4, 6 and 8 person version....we are playing the 8 person board tonight, so we are talking about a total of at least 4 hours to finish play. The baby should wear down shortly and we can put him to bed...then the serious, non-interrupted play can begin.
Live every moment realizing it is precious.....

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28th December, 2004. 11:40 pm. Christmas and a Birthday

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas...can you believe how swiftly the time flew by????? I got some great gifts - a jewelry armoire, some jewelry, a beautiful thick cutting board, some DVDs, some books...including a great one called 'Egyptology', which is written like the diary of a 1926 egyptologist called Emily Sands, a tripod, a backpack camera case, Ralph Lauren 'Romance' perfume, and some other odds and ends. As usual, we had Christmas with my husbands family at 6:00pm on Christmas Eve and then on to my mom's for Christmas with my family at 8:30 pm on Christmas Eve....then home to bed and up on Christmas morning to enjoy Ham and Biscuits and open our gifts and stockings. This was Alden's first Christmas and we had a ball with him.
I celebrated a birthday yesterday the 27th. Mike and I went to the new Rave movie theater and saw 'Meet the Fockers' , did a little shopping and then had an early dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. A very nice birthday, all in all.
I've been having some trouble with STUPID Spyware that has been eating my virtual memory, so I have been unable to post on LJ for a while without having to wait for excrutiatingly long intervals...I hope I have finally removed the culprit. I think they should outlaw stinks and they should boil all creators of such a vile instrument, in hot oil.

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4th December, 2004. 8:40 pm. Can't believe it is December

Time is passing soooooo quickly. I can't believe how Thanksgiving just flew by and now we are well into December and Christmas is closing fast. I have about 60% of my Christmas shopping completed, so that is good news.
I saw Christmas with the Kranks over the weekend and it was one of the normal Chrismas fare movies...nothing special, but worth seeing for the holidays. I attempted to watch Surviving Christmas a couple of weeks ago and ended up leaving after the first 20 minutes...not my kind of Christmas movie, at all. Here is some advice for Ben Affleck, as I am sure he reads my posts...find something better to spend your time on, Ben!!!
Tanesia's home is coming along nicely. The roof is completly shingled and the rough plumbing and electrical is completed. They are now waiting on the sheetrock contractor.
We went to the Christmas parade tonight and it was really good...but, we got there an hour early, just like always and picked out our spot...due to some road construction, we were not able to sit where we usually do and had to set closer to the beginning of the parade route. People can be so rude. We had so many people walk out into the street and stand in front of us and all the other people sitting along the sidewalk. If they want a good seat, they should get there early and guit ruining it for the rest of us. By the time Santa came along at the end of the parade, I had given up and started to pack up my chair and camera.
Christmas time is a great time to find good buys on DVDs. I have sneaked a few for myself...shame on me....I bought the Home Alone Complete Caper Collection, Spiderman 2, Daredevil and Cheaper By the Dozen. I should be wrapping presents, but I think I'll climb in bed, cover up and watch a movie.

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23rd November, 2004. 10:38 pm. Readying for Thanksgiving

I finally have some free time to update LJ...yeaaaaah
I am off work until next Wednesday and only have 12 more days to work for the rest of the year. I'm planning to have some fun during my time off as work is traditionally HECTIC and HELLACIOUS the first 3 months of the year. I'm taking every Friday off in December!! Vacation is one of the good things about being with a company for 27 years.
I took a long lunch today and finished my grocery shopping for a spiral honey ham half shank this year along with a boneless turkey breast and a turkey breast on the bone. Thanksgiving is total hog out is the menu

Baked Ham
Turkey Breast and Gravy
Cornbread Dressing
Hashbrown casserole
Broccoli casserole
Carrot, broccoli and cauliflower
Smashed potatoes
Green beans
Sweet potato casserole
Deviled eggs
Mac and cheese

For dessert - Pecan Pie, Sour Cream Poundcake, Million dollar pie, Chocolate bar three layer cake

Tomorrow, it is off to the hairdresser for a much needed cut, color and brow wax and then off for some shopping. Back home early to begin prep work on the casseroles and make the desserts. I plan on actually watching the Thanksgiving parade this least part of it, as I am cooking.
I saw National Treasure on Friday. It was as good as I hoped and was a great stress break. This Friday morning, we will be joining the other idiots at 5:30 am for early bird shopping. I have put up my main tree in the living room and have the lights on....planning to decorate as time allows, either tomorrow night or Friday night. Will spend the weekend getting out all my Christmas decorations and Monday and Tuesday, I'm planning to veg...maybe go to a movie...visit the bookstore, etc.
I have to upgrade my Village photo account and as soon as I do, I will post a picture of my Christmas gift tag for this year. I need to get a huge amount made up....we are using them up faster than I can make them right now, but at least we are keeping our presents wrapped as we buy them. With a house full of people, that is saying something. I'll also be posting some in progress pictures of Tanesia's new home as it progresses....they should begin putting the shingles on tomorrow.
I'm off to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...picked it up at WalMart today and must watch the DVD before I go to bed...I only made it to the theater to watch it one time, while the first two I saw each one twice.
In case I don't post again before Thanksgiving....Happy bird day to everyone!!!

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1st November, 2004. 9:35 pm. Halloween party 2004

I held my annual Halloween party this year, on Saturday, Oct 23. I was a bit off kilter this year and I had quite a few things that did not go as I had planned....including my costume. My husband and I were British archaeologists and I had ordered a camp shirt that did not make it to me in time, so I had to wear just a plain pullover. My daughter, her husband and baby have moved in with us after selling their home and while awaiting the completion of their new home. Most of my Halloween and Christmas lines, fragile items, newly purchased items, etc. were stored in the spare bedroom that I had to clean out for them to occupy for the next 2-3 months. I moved things to other closets, the garage, etc and ended up losing track of several things I needed for the party...Halloween tablecloths, serving dishes, etc. After worrying about everything not being perfect, I decided to stop sweating the small stuff and let it go....we all had a great time and no one seemed to care that some of the tables weren't covered and some of the deorations were missing.
I completely ran out of time this year. Obviously my planning was not as flawless as it should have been, but as I said, things have been a bit crazy this year. Next year, I will take 2-3 days off work prior to the party to ensure that I have ample time for the appropriate preparation and I'm working on rearranging my stores and supplies so that everything is CLEARLY marked.
I set up the food in the garage this year and hung sheets around the perimeter to give it a tent feel, and that worked out pretty well. I would love to add a full porch off the back of my house by party time next year, which would be the perfect place for gathering and food layouts while having the usual bonfire set up.
I took this picture of a Halloween moon, on Halloween night. I've placed some of my party pictures behind the cut. Hope you enjoy.

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31st October, 2004. 9:21 am. Happy Halloween

A pumpkin I carved this year. It was really easier than I thought!!!

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